Miki Sushi

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⭐️⭐️⭐️ Finally a good enough all you can eat sushi place that’s worth talking about in Brooklyn! Miki Sushi opened up in Bay Ridge and its food quality is similar to the 86th Street Sake, but the price is cheaper. Miki Sushi even has a much cleaner environment than Sake. The service is also better than that of Sake. The salmon shown in the picture is not really just for show. It’s actually really fresh. The kalbi steak, however was a bit too tender for my taste, but my friend likes it. Maybe you can go to Bay Ridge and try it for yourself. #allyoucaneatsushi #bayridgebrooklyn #mikisushi #japanesefood #nyceats #stephanietravels1314 ©️StephanieTravels1314 Blog: http://stephanietravels1314.com Contact: stephanietravels1314@gmail.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/stephanietravels1314/ Instagram: @stephanietravels1314

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