LKF Cafe

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⭐️⭐️⭐️ LKF Cafe is a new Hong Kong style café in Flushing. It’s nicely decorated and clean. The coffee well it’s a bit too sweet for my personal liking. They put a bit too much condensed milk. The curry fish ball definitely has the powdered curry taste. The meat sauce spaghetti however is a recommended dish. It has just the right amount of sauce and there’s plenty of meat in there unlike other restaurants where they only put in a few pieces and call it “meat sauce.” Beef noodle has a nice mix to it. The wonton noodle soup has a great broth and nice kick to the wonton. #lkfcafe #flushingny #nyceats #meatsaucespaghetti #chinesefood #wontonnoodlesoup #beefnoodles #curryfishball #stephanietravels1314 ©️StephanieTravels1314 Blog: Contact: Facebook: Instagram: @stephanietravels1314

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