Hong Chun Cheong

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⭐️⭐️1/2 Don’t bother wasting your time he going to Hong Chun Cheon! The food is decent but they have a rule that each table has to have a minimum of other equal to the same amount of people on your table. That’s not exactly the problem. The main problem is that they said they only have one put on the table so you can only order one kind of at the same time, so in other words you can’t order different things to try different things. I went with a friend and we basically had to order two of the same thing! Not worth it if you can’t try different things! Don’t waste your time! #hongchuncheon #dontwasteyourtime #dontbother #koreanfood #nyceats #ktownnyc #notworthit #stephanietravels1314 ©️StephanieTravels1314 Blog: http://stephanietravels1314.com Contact: stephanietravels1314@gmail.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/stephanietravels1314/ Instagram: @stephanietravels1314

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