“Kindness is a beauty, but sometimes it can turn into a knife. Pampering evil is letting your kindness turn in a knife.”

Everyone is born with kindness, but as we grow older and attain more knowledge some people start to change that kindness and turn it into evilness. Some manipulate other people’s trust in them and betray them for their own benefit. Their happiness is others’ misery. These kinds of people often get karma in the end. What you did to others will be bestowed upon you in the end, and it’s probably worse than what you did.

Remember beauty is nothing without kindness. Kindness is the inner most beauty for without it you’re just as ugly as your evilness, so stay true to your nature. Be kind, otherwise be prepared for the consequences for your actions.


The Legend

CLAP! CLAP! BOOM! The rain hit heavily upon the windshield of Harvey’s car. The storm had grown stronger overnight and as time passed, the thunder grew louder and rain hit harder on his windshield. He drove ever so slowly for the road ahead was unclear. He continued to drive along the nearly empty road. All I could see from the passenger seat next to him was an endless long, straight empty road.

“I told you we should have left last night! I told you there would be a storm tonight! You never believe me!” I yelled to him.

“Ashley, stop complaining and help me find shelter for the night!” Harvey yelled back.

My name is Ashley and I went on a road trip with my boyfriend over the weekend. We were supposed to start heading back home to Nevada last night, but he didn’t want to leave. He said he’s not ready to go back to work yet, so now we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. So much for “not going to work!”

Finally after what seemed like hours, Harvey pulled up in the driveway of what looked like a mansion. The mansion, or house, or whatever it is, looked rather antique. Something did not feel right about this mansion, but I could not lay my finger on it. There is something ominous about the mansion that stood before us. We sat in the car staring at the mansion. Then Harvey got out of the car, and walked towards the door; I followed closely behind, clinging to his arm. He rang the doorbell. When no one answered after few minutes have passed, I slightly turned the doorknob. To my surprise and his, the door creaked open. We stared at each other for what seemed like a minute and after a brief nod, we entered the mansion together. The inside of this mansion left us both standing at the doorstep in awe. At the far left of the entrance, there stood long spiral staircase that led to god knows where. Paintings of naked women, landscapes, etc were laid out on the walls around us. An odd looking red sofa stood at the centre of the room and not far from the sofa was a black grand piano. The two look out of place in that room.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Harvey screamed into the empty mansion. Helloooo? Is anyone thereeee? The mansion echoed back. Silence. Suddenly a chill ran down my spine causing me to shiver. I huddled closer to Harvey. It was as if he read my mind because he took my hand in his and ran out the door. We stepped back into the car and drove off, back into the stormy cold December night.

Not far from the mansion was a hotel. We stopped there for the night. At the counter was a couple, the woman looked to be in her mid-forties and the man his fifties. It was an odd sight for the woman had sunglasses on, but she was indoors and it was night time out. Harvey walked to the counter and asked for a room only to find out he did not have his wallet.

“Shoot, I must have dropped it back in that mansion.”

“Do you mean the mansion that was a few miles back?” the man asked.

“Yes, why?” asked Harvey.

“You should not go back right now. If you want to retrieve your wallet, go back in the morning, but do not go now. You can stay the night here for free.” The woman said.

“Why? Why can’t we go back?” I asked.

“It’s not safe.” The man warned.

“It’s only a storm outside. I have my credit cards and a few hundred dollars in that wallet. I have to go back. What if someone else finds that wallet? I would never be able to retrieve it then.” Harvey said as he turned around and started to walk out. I followed.

“That mansion… it’s haunted.” The woman called out behind us. We stopped in our tracks, turned around and stared at the couple. We were curious for neither of us believed in ghosts or haunted places. I guess they knew we did not believe them because they asked us to sit down.

“Come, sit. We can tell you what really goes on in there.” The man said. He helped the woman walk to the couches in the waiting room. We sat down across from them, eager to hear the story.

“Legend has it that the mansion was built in the late eighteen hundreds. There lived a caring and loving surgeon and his wife. In everyone’s eyes the surgeon and his wife were loving and inseparable. One day, the surgeon saw his wife with his best friend in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Furious, he picked up a knife and took her eyes out. ‘Now, you can never lay eyes on another man.’ He laughed maniacally and left her there to die. Now, it is said that the surgeon haunts that mansion and he would cut out the eyes of any woman that ever steps foot in that mansion. No one that ever went inside ever came out alive.”

That’s when I cracked up.

“That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s true…” the woman said.

“Really? Prove it.” Harvey said. Seems like Harvey doesn’t believe them either.

The man continued with the story. I tried to stifle another laugh.

“Twenty years ago, a newly wedded couple Patricia and Blake was driving in weather much like today’s. It was a stormy night and they were driving past this mansion, but it looked ominous to them so they continued driving and came to this same hotel. Here they met the owners this hotel. While waiting in line to check in they over heard someone talking about that haunted house that they just past by. You see. they were an adventurous couple. They loved taking risks and they, like the two of you, didn’t believe in ghosts or haunted house. They thought it was all just a sick joke, so they decided to cancel their check in at the hotel to go back to that mansion to spend the night there.

At first, everything was going fine.

“This is nothing. I don’t understand why people are so scared… Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we go explore this ‘haunted’ house while we’re here? We can take some pictures.” Blake said.

“Hey, good idea!” Patricia replied.

The couple started to explore the mansion. Then at the stroke of midnight things started to get a little weird. All of a sudden, the lights that they turned on when they first entered the mansion started to flicker and soon they went out. They couldn’t see anything beyond their out-stretched arms. They heard footsteps behind them and the footsteps seemed to be gradually getting louder and louder. Blake turned around and before he could see who it was, something hard hit his head and he was knocked out almost immediately. Patricia screamed and started running down the stairs. She tried to get out of that mansion, only to find out that the door from which she and Blake came in from was locked from the outside.”

I stared at the couple in front of me in awe. They are good at making up stories. I am impressed.

After a moment’s pause, the woman continued.

“So after Patricia found out she was locked in, she started to panic. She searched frantically for an exit. Before she knew it, a blinding pain hit the back of her head and she fell unconscious. When she woke up again she found herself tied to a table. It was no ordinary table, but a surgical table. She wiggled hoping to wiggle the ropes loose and get out. A shadow of a man hovered over her. Thinking it was Blake, she joked “Ooo, playing doctor and patient. Cool! But why do you have to tie me up so tightly? ”

When the shadow did not reply, she started to feel uneasy. If he is not Blake, then who is he?

“Blake? Is that you?”

The shadow let out a maniacal laugh as he pulled out a sharp and shiny knife. Patricia, upon seeing the knife, let out an earsplitting scream, Downstairs Blake woke up to the maniacal laugh followed by Patricia’s scream.

He looked everywhere for her. He could still hear Patricia’s scream and with each scream, she sounded like she’s in more and more pain. He followed her screams all the while screaming for her.

“PAT! PAT! WHERE ARE YOU?!” After what seemed like hours, he found Patricia and the “man.” When the “man” saw Blake, he disappeared. Patricia, who seemed to have lost all conscience continued screaming,

“Baby, it’s me. It’s me, Blake. You’re safe now” He said. Patricia began sobbing after hearing Blake’s voice. Blake untied Patricia and together they escaped the mansion. As the door closed behind them, they could still hear the maniacal laugh coming from inside the house, but somehow distant to them now. As they drove away, Patricia looked up at the window, and she saw a man dressed in a doctor’s robe staring down and her smiling. She shivered and swore to herself never to go to haunted houses again.”

“So that is the end of the story. I’m sure you can imagine what happened with this couple.” The man said after a few minutes of silence.

“Very interesting story you have there. I’m surprised you were able to describe all that at the top of your head.” Harvey laughed.

“I have a question for you two. Why do you always have sunglasses on even when you’re indoors even though it’s night out?” I asked the woman. She stared at me, and then turned to the man as if she was silently asking him for permission to answer the question. The man nodded.

Moments before she answered me, it suddenly hit me. No it cannot be! No, it just cannot be! There is no way it is she! I thought.

“Wait… Don’t tell me, you’re…” I was not able to finish my sentence for she has turned back to me and Harvey. We both gasped when she took off her sunglasses to stare back at us with an eye that does not seem like an eye. Staring back us, were two holes where the eyes should have been if she had any.


Jaycee Dugard: A Stolen Life

A Stolen Life, written by Jaycee Dugard herself, is an inspirational story about the eighteen years she’s spent with Phillip, her kidnapper. She wrote down all her feelings and experiences that she felt during those years.

For eighteen years, Jaycee remained hidden from the rest of the world. Can you imagine yourself walking into a crowd of people where no one can recognize you, where you’re invisible to everyone? That was exactly how Jaycee felt during those years. She could walk in public, and no one recognized her for the girl that was kidnapped years ago, even though she was just dying to be recognized on the inside.

Kidnapped at the age of eleven, Jaycee Dugard experienced things that many grown ups will probably never experience in their whole life. What happened to her was inevitably horrifying. Phillip, her kidnapper took her one morning while she was walking to the bus to go to school. For eighteen years, she was held captive as a prisoner in Phillip’s “home.” During those eighteen years, Jaycee was an object for someone to use, and abuse, an object of manipulation. She was tortured, and raped continuously. She was not even allowed to say her name. During her captivity, she mothered two daughters where she gave birth to her first daughter when she was fourteen years old. Although, she gave birth to them, she was not allowed to be referred to as the children’s mother. She was forced to be their “sister.”

Despite what Phillip did to her, Jaycee relied on him for everything. Being kidnapped at such a young age, she hasn’t experienced many things that kids her age should have. She had no choice but to rely on Phillip, and to listen to him and trust him. If I were Jaycee, I probably wouldn’t be able to live that long. I wouldn’t have the guts to endure these tortures the way she did. Jaycee has a strong mind and soul that I believe not many people have. I’m sure she has inspired many people by coming out and writing this book to tell everyone what happened to her during those eighteen years of captivity.


The Dream

That night I watched a horror movie right before bedtime about a girl with a really messed up face. It took a long time before I finally fell asleep. Suddenly, I was awaken by a strange noise by my bed. It sounded like someone was bouncing up and down on my bed. I opened my eyes and looked around and I saw a face staring down at me grinning. Her face was all messed up and bloody. She missing an eye and the left side of her face was so scratched up I could see her bones. It’s the same girl from the movie! She was grinning at me with half a lip. I wanted to scream for my mom, but I couldn’t make a single sound. I don’t know what to do.

Suddenly, a loud sound came on and realized that it’s my alarm clock. That’s when I realized it was just a nightmare. I got up and turned off my alarm and sighed in relief. Meanwhile, I swore to myself never to watch horror movies again right before sleep.

When I got up to go to the bathroom, I saw a shadow at the corner of my eyes. I looked over and saw that girl with the messed up face. I think to myself “I must still be dreaming.” I went back to bed and hide under the covers. That’s when I felt the bed go up and down as if someone is bouncing on it. I looked up and saw her grinning down at me just like in the dream. She suddenly reached for my neck. I screamed at the top of my lungs, but to my dismay no one came to my rescue…..